Review of “The Perfect Love” by Ruth Myers

As  the song says, “WHat the world needs now is love, sweet love”. We all have a need and deep desire to be loved. We can find the love we need and it can be found in God. God’s Love is the only love big enough to meet the God-sized needs of your life and mine. Blaise Pascal describes this as a “God-shaped vacuum” within us.

In “The Perfect Love”, Ruth Myers answers the questions, ” what is God’s love like?”, “what can it mean personally to me?”, and “how can I enjoy it more?”.  The author shares verses that will become precious to you in your search for love. By sharing life experiences that caused her to seek God more desperately and know Him more deeply, the reader is motivated to let the Lord enfold you in His love.

This book is not to be hurried through, but rather savored slowly with thoughtful meditation over the life-changing truths within it’s pages. Let those truths meet your need and let God’s love fill your ” God shaped vacuum”.

I was given this book free for review by Waterbook- Multnomah Publishers.


~ by debiparatore on January 31, 2012.

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