Review of “Cleaning House” by Kay Wills Wyma

Here are a few quotes:

“The goal of parenting is not to provide a successful childhood but to grow your child into an adult who is a good person.”

“I love  you. I believe in you. I know what you’re capable of. So I’m going to make you work.”

If you agree with these statements, come read the story of one woman who fought for her kids. Join her in her year-long “experiment”- where each month she introduces a concept to her five children. Read along as she leads them to basic life skills intended to produce responsible adults. She shares her journey- her intention to address the attitude of youth entitlement-each step and each month. At the end of each chapter as she introduces the life skill to her family, she states what she learned and what her children learned during each leg of their journey.

Kay, with humor, creativity and her “Ironing Board”-friends who help smooth out the wrinkles by offering advice of their own-makes the journey fun and easier to swallow!

Want to stop the insanity of entitlement and lead your children to be responsible adults? Kay encourages us-“Let’s equip them to work hard and seek creative ways to help them embrace the value of meaningful work.” She also encourages us to ask ourselves,

“Do I love them enough to let them fail? to make them work? to require them to fly on their own…? Do I love them enough to step aside rather than step in?” The author also encourages us to consider this: “Children are like Jell-O salads; we want to pour as much good stuff inside them as we can before the mold sets.”

Need some practical ways to make this change happen? Pick up this book, join Kay on her journey and take her advice!

“I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.”


~ by debiparatore on August 12, 2012.

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